Sour Sailor | 15

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, Raw Sugar Simple Syrup, Top Shelf Orange Bitters, Garnished with Lime Rind

Chef Ryan’s latest cocktail creation, notes of sweet vanilla and cinnamon contrast against the sour of the lime to create a wonderfully original flavour. Served neat or on the rocks


Boulevardier  | 15

Bulleit Bourbon, Aperol, Sweet Vermouth

Similar to the well known Negroni, the Boulevardier uses Bourbon in place of Gin for a more deep, intriguing beverage. Aperol has been substituted for Campari for a slightly sweeter, less bitter cocktail. Served neat or on the rocks


AppleJack Old Fashioned | 15

Laird’s Applejack, Raw Sugar Simple Syrup, Top Shelf Chocolate Bitters, Orange Rind

Apple, Orange, and Chocolate notes give the old fashioned the perfect autumn twist. Served over a large ice pyramid


Mule From the Deep Sea  | 15

Kraken Spiced Rum, Reunion Apple Pie Moonshine, Ginger Beer, Top Shelf Cardamom Bitters

This Mule will instantly warm you up. Notes of ginger, coffee, and chocolate in the rum tie all the flavours together to create our version of the Moscow Mule you can’t soon forget. Served over ice


Blackberry Daiquiri | 15

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Raw Sugar Simple Syrup, Fresh Blackberries and Lime Juice

A take on the classic, a rum as complex and smooth as Sailor Jerry gives this daiquiri a sweet refreshing flavour, and leaves you wanting another. Shaken over ice